Directions & Travel Information

Please print this document and bring it with you! We do not always come up correctly on MapQuest or Google, please follow these directions or call if needed!

Directions from Denver, CO

Take I-25 North, to exit 257B. This is Hwy 34, the easiest route to Estes Park. It is an hour from Denver to this exit. Take hwy 34 west, for 29 miles. You will go thru the town of Loveland, then as you start up the mountain, there is a small community called Drake, about halfway there. From this little town, it is approximately 9 more miles to our Inn. We are on the RIGHT side of hwy 34, address is 37 Dripping Springs Lane. . You have not yet reached the town of Estes, which is another 2 miles. Between Mile marker 66 and 67. Some landmarks... Loveland Heights Cottages is on the left side of the road, about 1/4 mile before us. Turn in the gravel drive marked Dripping Springs Ln., drive to the office. Our buildings are red with green roofs, you will see our office in front of you. This is both our office and home and it can be crowded at checkin time. We know children want to get out of the car as soon as possible, but for the peace and quiet of our other guests, please do not bring the whole family in to register. We have found that it saves time and we can get you to your room/cabin faster this way. We don't mean to offend anyone,so please don't take it the wrong way!

Directions from Lyons/Boulder, Co.

Highway 36 is another option, from Lyons it is about a 30 minute drive into Estes Park. Traffic can be heavy, avoid downtown Estes. You can see the town and the lake in the valley as you approach. Before you cross the causeway over the lake, take Mall road, to the right. This is a bypass, around the dam,go about 1/4 mile till it T's at Hwy 34. There is a mini golf here at this corner. Go right, about 1-1/2 miles, we are on the left at 37 Dripping Springs Lane. You will see our sign at a brick wall and a cabin with a green roof, with a large bear and our sign painted on the side. Between Mile marker 66 and 67.

Directions from Grand Lake, CO

If you are coming from Grand Lake, thru Rocky Mountain National Park, continue all the way thru town on the main road till you come to the intersection of Hwy 36 which is thru downtown. Safeway and MacDonalds are on your left and the Visitors Center is on your right. Continue straight here, noting the Shell station on your left, and go 3 miles down Hwy 34,out of town, past the dam following the river. We are on the left at 37 Dripping Springs Lane. Our local # is 970 586 3406. Most cell phones don't work in the canyon after you leave Estes.

If you are coming in after dark, it is very dark out here and you have to look closely to find us. Please drive safely, and call us if you are going to be later than you expected. There is little to no cell phone service in the canyon.